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We reach today the heart of the new production plant: the chillers lines, that will double the current production.

This zone too reveals how much the company cares about the quality of the work environment: the technical gasses has been centrally stored outside the building for maximum security, then transferred to each station with a distribution system; the working tables were designed and made ad hoc for the best ergonomics possible. The new workstations include a trolley, a support for label printers, a screwdriver and a riveter on a shelf, an adjustable support for production pc and a steel worktop that can be replaced to renew the working table.

Each line consists of 6 workstations: the test one and 5 tables, all identical to each other except the first two, that are twice the weight, for the most stable tightening operations possible.

For the placement of heavy raw materials, we opted for a double solution: 200 kg, 500 kg and 1,000 kg hoists with a bracket that covers the whole production area and two overhead travelling cranes of 8 tons capacity each. In this way, we can speed up both the assembly operations and the displacement of the larger units, for which we can use the two overhead travelling crane in tandem: double capacity with one remote control.

Our Virtual Tour of STULZ S.p.A. is over, but there is still one area that we are going to describe in the next few weeks: the climatic chamber, an instrument built with the most modern technologies available that we can use to test our products for different environmental conditions, to guarantee the correct operation for every situation.