Production Department

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Our Virtual Tour of STULZ S.p.A. Facility goes on inside our historical site; we have now reached the Production Department, divided into three lines: industrial air conditioners, heat exchangers and telecommunication. The first 2 units consist of two automated lines each, plus a small manual line, while the telecommunication one is composed of two lines of roller conveyor.

Each line is composed of 7 workstations, one for the assembly of each part of the unit: in the first three for the cooling circuit, the 4th station for the filling of the refrigerant gas;  the 5th for the electrical part, the 6th to test the unit and the last to close it. The process is the same for each machine, with operations described by our office “Time & Motion“; when the production of the units has similar timing, the advancement of the line can be automatic, as happens in the first two departments; if they require different time phase between units, the line has manual feed of the roller assembly line.

Each workstation is equipped with a computer with a software, which allows operators to obtain information useful for the production, printing manuals and labels, to report problems, to request materials, to enter data and traceability and to enter information for testing.

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