The Techno range expands the series of high efficiency chillers for industrial, IT and comfort
applications, made by COSMOTEC.
WSA are chillers for outdoor installation, specifically designed to have high performance with small footprint.
Efficency, strength and reliability at COSMOTEC levels.

WSA Techno is an highly silenced unit, thanks to the adoption of acoustic insulations, specifically designed and placed in the compressor compartment (ISO 3744).
In order to maximise the noise reduction the maximum speed of the fans is limitated.
The optimization of the coils/fans group allows to limit the cooling capacity reduction compared to the standard version.
Available for all sizes of WSA Techno .

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    Technical Data WSA Techno

    wdt_IDVersionCooling Capacity (kW)Dimensions (mm) HxWxDData Sheet
    1 WSA160 376 2473x2278x4240 Data Sheet
    2 WSA220 482 2473x2278x4635 Data Sheet
    3 WSA250 568 2473x2278x6960 Data Sheet
    4 WSA280 631 2473x2278x6960 Data Sheet
    5 WSA300 673 2473x2278x6960 Data Sheet
    6 WSA320 739 2473x2278x8120 Data Sheet
    7 WSA360 845 2473x2278x8120 Data Sheet
    8 WSA380 912 2473x2278x8120 Data Sheet
    9 WSA440 1.032 2473x2278x8880 Data Sheet
    10 WSA480 1.122 2473x2278x11980 Data Sheet
    wdt_IDVersionCooling Capacity (kW)Dimensions (mm) HxWxDData Sheet