Liquid Cooler WRA ErP

After thousands of WRA units installed worldwide since 1989, the WRA ErP is the next generation of high efficiency chillers specifically designed for industrial process cooling. WRA ErP is the result of a design that has focused on reliabilityenergy efficiencyextended operating limits and extreme configurability. Thanks to dedicated technological solutions such as oversized heat exchangersstandard electronic expansion valve and new high-efficiency fans, each WRA ErP is characterised by high thermodynamic performance that exceeds the most stringent minimum energy efficiency requirements imposed by the Ecodesign directive from 2021.

Energy Efficiency

Process chillers operate at high heat loads continuously throughout the year. It is therefore very important that the chiller delivers the highest performance under all operating conditions. All WRA chillers comply with the limits required by ErP2021 – SEPR HT (EU) 2016/2281 – SEPR MT (EU) 2015/1095, making them the best solution for all process applications.

Extended operating limits

Thanks to the dedicated versions and accessories, operation at full load is guaranteed up to +45 °C outside air temperature during the summer season and -20 °C during the winter season in the LT version. The standard WRA units produce chilled water with a maximum evaporator outlet temperature of up to +30 °C; minimum standard temperature +5 °C and -10 °C in the BRINE version.

New controller SECBlue Light

The new programmable microprocessor control SECBlue Light, thanks to its new and advanced proprietary logic, guarantees and optimises the operation of all WRAs in the various configurations available. SECBlue Light allows both the remote control of the unit and its integration in RS485 ModBus supervisory BMS systems by means of specific accessories.

New Configurations

The new LT version for low ambient temperature -20°C, the Brine version for low water outlet temperature Tw-10°C, and the new version for pressurised hydraulic circuits extend the technical equipment of the WRA range, which is therefore able to satisfy the most varied application requirements, guaranteeing maximum safety of the production process in which the chiller is integrated.