WPA Techno

WPA Techno

Air condensed chiller for water, with scroll compressors installed in tandem or trio.

Cooling Capacity from 160 kW to 550 kW

Energy class: A or B

The growing need to reduce the operating cost in industrial processes has forced the implementation of a range of liquid chillers, strongly oriented to the maximum benefit in terms of efficiency, while maintaining toughness and reliability.

The cross V-geometry condensing module, using Microchannel technology, allows greater modularity of the units, with particular attention to air distribution and maximum accessibility of components.

This solution guarantees high efficiency on a very reduced thickness and contained load loss.
All the units WPA Explorer are equipped with refrigerant gas R410a.
Electronic Expansion Valves (EEV) guarantees optimized gas temperature and evaporation pressure, with high accuracy.
These units can be equipped with Free Cooling: integrated in the lowest sizes and with the managing functions for the higher sizes.

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    Version Cooling Capacity Dimensions
    WPA060 165500 W 2406 x 2208 x 3140
    WPA070 187500 W 2406 x 2208 x 3140
    WPA080 222600 W 2406 x 2208 x 3140
    WPA090 245200 W 2406 x 2208 x 3140
    WPA100 266500 W 2406 x 2208 x 3140
    WPA110 318600 W 2406 x 2208 x 4447
    WPA120 353100 W 2406 x 2208 x 4447
    WPA140 385100 W 2406 x 2208 x 4447
    WPA160 432000 W 2406 x 2208 x 5820
    WPA180 504000 W 2406 x 2208 x 5820
    WPA200 559300 W 2406 x 2208 x 5820