WLA Compact New

//WLA Compact New

WLA Compact New

WLA Compact New

Liquid chiller

Developed on the basis of the specific features of the WLA Compact predecessor, the WLA Compact NEW range has been significantly enhanced thanks to:

New finned coil condensers with a 7mm diameter tube for a 20% reduction in refrigerant charge and an increase in thermodynamic performance
New axial fans with painted steel blades + safety protection grille
New rotary vane compressors (mod. 05-08) replacing piston compressors
New PHE evaporators with high exchange surface area
Metal mesh filters for condenser standard
Standard phase monitor for three-phase units
New inertial tank in HDPE with increased volume mod. WLA02-03 (from 4dm3 to 8dm3)

The ease of use, the low maintenance needs and the operating synergies remain unchanged compared to the previous series WLA Compact, guaranteeing a perfect continuity of use by users.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 50001
Certificate F.GAS



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    Technical Documentation


    VersionCooling Capacity (W)Power Supply (V-ph-Hz)Dimensions (mm) HxWxD
    WLA052.500230-1-50/60 400-3-50 460-3-60527x801x632
    WLA083.100230-1-50/60 400-3-50 460-3-60527x801x632
    WLA104.100230-1-50/60 400-3-50 460-3-60527x801x632
    WLA135.100230-1-50 400-3-50 460-3-60527x801x632