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The need to reduce operating consumption has imposed the development of air conditioners strongly oriented to maximum performance in term of efficiency, while maintaining strength, reliability and compact design, all features that can be found in Protherm Outdoor CVO air conditioners.

The Protherm offer a wide range of air conditioners in order to meet different customer needs for conditioning of shelter/cabinet for telecommunications, power distribution, ect.

Cooling Capacity
Range extension: from 360W to 5600W, the widest on the market, with 9 sizes available

Wide choice of power supply
Power supply 115V, 230V e 400V/460V are available

Extended operating range
Operating in site with temperature between -20/+55 (CVO, CE), -40 (CVO, UL)


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 50001
UL Certificate
EAC Air Conditioner
Certificate F.GAS

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    Version Cooling Capacity (W)Power Supply (V-ph-Hz)Dimensions (mm) HxWxD
    CVO05002208000550-580230-1-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO05002288000500-550400/460-2-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO05U12208000580230-1-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO05U12038000580115-1-60636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO0500212800050048 VDC636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO08002208000850-900230-1-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO08002288000800-850400/460-2-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO08U12208000900230-1-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO08U12038000900115-1-60636 x 314,5 x 233
    CVO110022080001100-1150230-1-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
    CVO110022880001050-1100400/460-2-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
    CVO11U122080001150230-1-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
    CVO11U120380001150115-1-60906 x 412,5 X 271,5
    CVO150022080001500-1600230-1-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
    CVO150022880001400-1500400/460-2-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
    CVO15U122080001600230-1-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
    CVO15U120380001600115-1-60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
    CVO15U126280001500400/460-3-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
    CVO200022080002100-2200230-1-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
    CVO200026180002200400/460-3-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
    CVO20U122080002200230-1-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
    CVO20U120380002200115-1-60999 x 412,5 x 286
    CVO20U126280002100400/460-3-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
    CVO400022080004000-4100230-1-50/601211 x 514 x 370
    CVO400026180003950-4050400/460-3-50/601211 x 514 x 370
    CVO40U122080004100230-1-50/601211 x 514 x 370
    CVO40U126280004050400/460-3-50/601211 x 514 x 370
    CVO600026180005600-5950400/460-3-50/601399 x 556 x 428
    CVO60U126280005950400/460-3-50/601399 x 556 x 428