New Warehouse

First Stop in our new Plant! Everything here is brand new and state-of-the-art level. Today we visit the warehouse that will become the reference point for reception and sorting of raw materials of every department.
In January 2017 SAP software will be implemented and the new warehouse has been chosen to test the new ERP.
The corridors of the warehouse are narrower than the others in the plant, in order to use all the surface. We have to use a high-efficiency forklift because of its narrow curving angle and lifting height of 8,5 m, compared to average forklift height of 5,5m.
We have a led lighting activated by motion sensors that guarantees energy savings; furthermore, we installed state-of-the-art shelving protections, that protects from impact trauma the operators of the forklifts.
A large number of gates is to ensure maximum flexibility in the supply of product ranges of raw material.



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