Making cooling greener: eco-friendly refrigerant

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Gas R513a: an eco-friendly solution for your system

The Global Warming and Climate Changes issues reached worldwide relevance, leading many countries to decide to cut emissions of greenhouse effect gasses, through decrees and specific regulations.
In particular, the Regulation n° 517/2014 enforces the phase-down of HFC, that play an important role in increasing the greenhouse effect.

The regulation aims to reduce by 80% the HFC and to change completely the refrigeration range by 2030. To be ready to face the future challenges we analyzed new refrigerant gasses with lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) than the current ones.
Following extended assessments for alternatives to old gasses, Cosmotec decided to use for its units the 513a gas, a high efficiency HFO, not flammable (A1 class) and not toxic, with a significantly lower GWP than HFC.

R134a GWP = 1430

R513a GWP = 631

Global Warming Potential

The GWP (Global Warming Potential) is a number that expresses the potential impact that a refrigerant could have on global warming if released in the atmosphere.

The GWP compares the impact of 1kg of refrigerant with 1 kg of CO2, in a 100 years period.