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The industrial cooling field is not only limited to the electronic enclosures thermal management, but covers a wide range of applications, each of which presents its own characteristics and specifics. In this particular case, our customer Impika requested a solution to cool a box containing the printheads of an inkjet printer.

The customer

Impika, a French company established in 2003, has become a leader in design, manufacture and sell of inkjet print solutions for both industrial and commercial fields. In 2013 was acquired by the Xerox group.


The customer needed an air conditioner with a cooling capacity of about 1000W.

The specifications also had some critical issues, such as:

  • special dimensions (not exceed Height: 400 mm; Width: 800 mm; Depth 450 mm) since the unit must be placed inside the printer
  • cool only the box containing the printheads supply and return air of the evaporating side have to be channeled with circular flexible ducts about 1,5 m long
  • dedicated layout (initially not yet defined) for condenser supply and return air
  • precise parameters for the cooled air temperature: 25 °C, air flow 600 m³/h, speed 10 m/s
  • printer for the global market; the air conditioner must therefore be suitable for different supply voltages and in accordance with the american market regulations (UL certifications requested)

Main features of the solution

The air conditioner was compliant to the customer technical specifications, and has several points of interest:

  • Compactness: the dimensions were in line with the customer request, so the compartment layout has been maintained;
  • Flexibility: Cosmotec is active on the 48VDC air conditioning market for several years, especially in Outdoor applications (Protherm Outdoor CVO and Predator Evolution PRT with cooling capacities of 500W, 1000W and 2000W). Based on our long term experience with this kind of products, we have identified a solution with a unit fully supplied at 48VDC. The customer is thus able to cover a wide range of supply voltages (380÷480 V), simply by installing an appropriate power supply upstream of the air conditioner.
  • Precision: the 48 VDC compressor, the thermostatic valve and the modulation of the compressor allow to control with high precision the delivery air temperature. The XCB electronic board controls the compressor speed.
  • Useful pressure evaporator side: the use of a radial high pressure fan allows to obtain an high useful pressure, essential to provide for the pressure drops due to the air duct
  • Certification: product certified CE and UL

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