Case history – Air conditioning for cabinets on a railway line

//Case history – Air conditioning for cabinets on a railway line

Air conditioning for cabinets on a railway line

The Customer

Cometi S.r.l. is a major manufacturer of shelters and cabinets for high
technology content equipments for telecommunications, oil & gas,
photovoltaic sector and control systems.
The production range is divided into three main categories:
• shelter with active cooling system
• shelter with passive cooling system
• ventilated cabinets
• cabinet with active/passive cooling system


The high-speed railway line “Direttissima Roma-Firenze” connects two of
the most important Italian cities, for an overall route 254 km.
The project is part of the works required for the realization of the
electrical power supply system of radio base stations designed to
complete and renewed the GSM-R. network.
The project needed an air conditioner with 2000W cooling capacity,
direct free cooling, emergency power supply 48Vdc and heater, besides
the possibility of remote monitoring through Modbus RTU protocol.
Another request was the forced ventilation through a filter fan, in order
to guarantee the internal air exchange/circulation, necessary even when
the free cooling is disabled due to the presence of batteries inside the

Solution main features

Cosmotec has provided a solution including the Predator range air conditioners and Kryos³ filter fans.
The main feature of the air conditioning system are:
Compactness: compact dimensions which make Predator suitable for the installation in the different cabinets available on the market.
Efficiency: high EER values at nominal conditions, which increase when the free cooling system is on: condition L35L35 EER ≃~ 2  –  condition L15L35 EER ~ 10
Safety: part of the unit (free cooling damper motor, evaporator fan, control components) works with a DC emergency power source. In this way the continuous circuitaion of the internal air is guaranteed, even in case of lack of the main power supply.
Energy Saving: Predator units with free cooling system guarantee high energy savings. Every time that the external temperature is lower than the internal temperature (ΔT° 0 10°C) the shelter is cooled without any cost, because the compressor and the condenser fan are switched off.
Connectivity: through Modbus RTU protocol you can monitor the air conditioning correct operation, displaying all the relevant parameters and possible alarms. You may also change some parametres.

Main features of the air filter units:
Safety: Kryos³ filter fans have an IP54 protection degree, which assure protection against dust and splashing water.
Strength: Kryos³ filter fans are ade of ABS Blend and mixed with substances which confer resistance to UV radiations, extending the units life.
Easy Maintenance: filters cleaning and replacement are particularly quick and easy, thanks to the the flap-open of the front grid.

To read the whole Case History please download the PDF available here.