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Case history – Printing solutions

The industrial cooling field is not only limited to the electronic enclosures thermal management, but covers a wide range of applications, each of which presents its own characteristics and specifics. In this particular case, our customer Impika requested a solution to cool a box containing the printheads of an inkjet printer.

The customer

Impika, a French company established in 2003,

Cosmotec at SPS Nuremberg

We are getting ready to meet you at SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg 2017, the most important fair in the electric automation field…and we have sweet news for you: a brand new product designed to meet your conditioning needs. Do you want to know more? You’ll just have to wait until the first day of the fair on the 28th of November!

Here’s a map of Hall 5,

New Plant: first anniversary

It has been one year since we opened our new production plant in Valeggio sul Mincio (VR): on the 27th September 2016 we opened the doors to clients and suppliers from all over the world, during a ceremony that gave us the chance to show the innovations of the structure.

If you are interested in taking a virtual tour of the different areas of our company, you can visit the tour section we published in the last few months.

Cosmotec at Hannover Messe – 24th/28th April

From 24th to 28th April we will be attending the Hannover Messe, one of the main world showcases for industrial technologies.
You will find us at our booth (Hall 12, Stand D34) to show you the latest news that we developed for Industrial Cooling: we will have the pleasure to let you see with your own eyes the quality of our new Kryos³ Filter Fans and to present you our Industry 4.0 offer,

Production – New Plant

We reach today the heart of the new production plant: the chillers lines, that will double the current production.

This zone too reveals how much the company cares about the quality of the work environment: the technical gasses has been centrally stored outside the building for maximum security, then transferred to each station with a distribution system; the working tables were designed and made ad hoc for the best ergonomics possible.

New Warehouse

First Stop in our new Plant! Everything here is brand new and state-of-the-art level. Today we visit the warehouse that will become the reference point for reception and sorting of raw materials of every department.
In January 2017 SAP software will be implemented and the new warehouse has been chosen to test the new ERP.
The corridors of the warehouse are narrower than the others in the plant,

Prototype area and cell

Last stop in our first production plant! We are now in the prototype department, a very important area where we produce for the first time a unit.

The highly specialized personnel working here realizes the project, verifying strong and weak points, proposing, with the technical office, useful solutions to improve the prototype.

Once the prototype is completed, the unit goes to the cell department.

Warehouse and Chiller Lines

We arrive today at the lower level of our historical site: here we find the heart of our storage warehouse and the chiller lines, that are soon going to be completely moved to the new facility.

When there is no close date of shipment, the finished products from the higher level are moved here thanks to the freight elevator. The goods that are stocked here which have to be shipped are lifted at the first floor,

Production Department

Our Virtual Tour of STULZ S.p.A. Facility goes on inside our historical site; we have now reached the Production Department, divided into three lines: industrial air conditioners, heat exchangers and telecommunication. The first 2 units consist of two automated lines each, plus a small manual line, while the telecommunication one is composed of two lines of roller conveyor.

Each line is composed of 7 workstations, one for the assembly of each part of the unit: in the first three for the cooling circuit,